Luxurious And Modern Leather Sofa Furniture


There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and sinking into a comfortable and luxurious sofa. As the living room is where we spend most of our time at home, this means our sofa gets a lot of use, so it’s important to have a sofa that is comfortable, made from high-quality materials and looks stylish. When looking for leather sofa furniture, Gainsville has a wide range of exquisite and modern sofas to meet all your needs.


Upgrade your living room with their Sierra Modular Sofa. This incredibly comfortable sofa features a retro-modern curved design that is perfectly complimented with traditional button styled tufting. Made from genuine and luxuriously soft category 60 white leather, this stylish sofa creates an inviting and relaxing environment for any living room. Complete with headrests that are adjustable and two adjustable armrests that are styled with elegant graphite piping, the Sierra Modular Sofa provides superior style and comfort, without the price tag.

Their Prague modern lounge suite features a low-line design finished with beautiful side-stitching and modern chrome legs with a stylish slim-line design. Featuring large and comfortably soft back and seat cushions, adjustable headrest and a modern off the ground design, the Prague modern lounge suite is a must have for any living room. Choose from a vast range of colours and fabrics, and have peace of mind with their 12 year structural warranty.

When it comes to luxurious leather sofa furniture, and all other home furnishing needs, visit Gainsville today. Browse their website to view their extensive range and to find out more information.


Sleek & Modern Contemporary TV Units at Gainsville


The living room is one of the most important rooms in our homes and it is also where (one of) the most important objects in our homes is; the TV. So why not make sure it is the centrepiece of the room? With Gainsville’s luxurious range of contemporary tv units, you can easily add a sleek and modern style to your living room décor.


Why not give your living room a modern look with their Brando Floating TV Unit. This strong and durable entertainment unit is mounted incorporating a unique track mounting system that is suitable for all walls. It is designed to allow maximum ventilation so electronic equipment won’t overheat and is ideal for hiding away all those dangling cables that can be an eyesore. Available in white gloss and walnut, this contemporary tv unit is an elegant alternative to traditional tv units.

For a more classic style, Gainsville has the Tucson TV Unit which has that classic 70’s look combined with an ultra-modern design. Featuring a black powder coated base and beautiful walnut timber veneer, you can style your entire home with their Tucson range which includes coffee tables, side tables and buffet units.

To view the entire range of stylish and contemporary tv units, visit the friendly and professional staff at Gainsville or head over to their website for more information. Upgrade your living room with luxurious, affordable and stylish furniture and more with the home furnishing experts at Gainsville.

Benefits of Having a Gloss White Coffee Table


indexAs the proud owner of a house or apartment, making your place look beautiful and welcoming requires a lot of time and effort. Most people who work and have families find it hard to make time to consider the interior design of their home. At Gainsville, we guarantee you will find the best quality furniture to match with your interior design trend. One of our most popular products is our gloss white coffee table which will transform your living room to an elegant and modern look.

There are a lot of benefits to have a gloss white coffee table in your living room. Here are just a couple to pique your interest:

Stylish Design

A new coffee table will transform your living room into a welcoming and relaxing environment without compromising on style. They are modern and minimalist while also working well in more traditional settings. The coffee tables are available in a range of sizes to suit your room and needs.

Storage Solution

One of the true benefits of having a coffee table is to have more storage without losing valuable living space. The coffee table doubles as a useful piece of furniture which can be used to stack remotes, cables, magazines, candles and other decorations (in addition to coffee, of course). But underneath the visible surface, you can also store additional items, hidden neatly out of site but easily reachable at the same time.

To get the right gloss white coffee table to suit your needs, feel free to jump on our website – Gainsville – or have a chat to us for more information. You will be able to choose the right coffee table for your living room from a range of different sizes and styles. At Gainsville, we put our customers first and we guarantee you will fall in love with our various selection of high quality furniture in Melbourne.

How to Choose The Right Bedroom Furniture for Your Room



Selecting your new bedroom furniture should be exciting rather than daunting. But there is a wide range of variety and style available. With a bit of thought put in before you head out browsing can help. Here, we’ve compiled a list of things to think about to help narrow the field and make the perfect choice in your new purchase.

How much light does the room get?

If your bedroom is shaded or doesn’t get a lot of natural light, considering a light style can add the feeling of a brighter abode. A bright and open room can feel more inviting. But if you’re looking for a sense of warmth, choosing a wooden style, either light or dark in tone to match the room, can make a room feel less sterile. S think about the style and colours you’re naturally attracted to and let that shape your shopping expedition.

How much are you looking to spend?

Choosing new furniture is a big decision, but cheaper is rarely the wiser choice when you’re looking for a quality product you ideally want to last beyond a decade. Put some consideration into balancing quality and affordability, and if it’s in your scope of ability, pay a little extra for something sturdy that you will see as an investment.

What is the size of your room?

While going for something luxurious, keep in mind the space your new bed or other piece is going to fill. While a gigantic and decadent bed is tempting, it will be less so once you get it home to find there’s barely room enough to move around it, especially while navigating in the middle of the night. Go for something that will suit the space and not prove to be a regretful purchase down the line.

Gainsville has a wide variety of furniture available for viewing in their Melbourne showroom, which can serve as inspiration when making your decision. If you can’t make it to Melbourne, have a browse on their extensive website for thorough product descriptions and photos. For more details, visit

Simple Tips to Arranging Your Luxury Furniture


Melbourne’s a glamourous city with its trams and restaurant/cafe culture, and a big part of our city’s charm is its layout, with the grid of the main CBD streets intersected by trendy alleyways, creating the perfect blend of functionality and allure. And there’s no reason that beauty has to remain outside.

timber coffee tables Australia

You’ve invested in luxury furniture for your lounge or living room, so it’s worth investing on how it’s arranged to create the right balance and ambience. After all, the lounge room is where we spend the greater majority of our relaxation and entertaining time.

Make a statement with a centrepiece

Create a focal point in your lounge room with a furniture centrepiece, such as a large ottoman or beautiful coffee table. A centrepiece not only offers functionality but can add to a room’s visual appeal.

Keep the placement spacious

Keeping your furniture sparse and separated will make your room seem larger. Be sure to keep enough space between items so there’s enough room to walk between and navigate through the room. Remember, less is more.

Create functional corners

If you often entertain guests, a great way of doing so is to create different areas for different functions: a dining area, a conversation zone, etc. By dividing your space into separate zones for varying functions, you can effectively add new rooms to the one space. This is also a great way to segment your leisure time, such as work and reading time.

Circles or corners?

Your furniture doesn’t all have to be placed against the walls. If you have the space, bring your couches closer into the centre of the room and arrange it in either a circle around a coffee table or other centrepiece. If you lounge is short of space, a u-shape or utilising the corners with a rug at its centre can help unify a room and bring all of your furniture together.

For more inspiration on how to best arrange your luxury furniture, visit a local showroom or and observe how they’ve arranged their suites. Gainsville showrooms offer fantastic examples of arrangement, accentuated by stunning pieces of furniture to suit all styles of apartments and homes. Jump online and take a look through their selections and photo galleries for a quick source of tips.

Tips on Choosing The Right Modern Bedroom Furniture in Melbourne


If you were to ask people which item of furniture they associate with a bedroom, most would probably say the bed. It is undoubtedly the largest and most prominent piece in the room and deserves some serious consideration when it comes to selecting one. However, it is only a facet and the other pieces in the room should also be taken in to account if a harmonious effect is to be achieved.

bedroom furniture

Bedrooms can be places of retreat, somewhere to get away from the busy world and rest. Creating an environment that’s conducive to relaxation is important, therefore carefully choosing furniture that creates a balanced whole is important. Take in to account bedside tables, a tall boy and dresser, if they are from the same furniture collection it can create a pleasingly coordinated effect.

A great starting point can be to decide whether you would prefer a timber, leather or fabric finish. This can be informed by the overall colour that you want or the effect you wish to achieve. Neutral tones can work well across any of these but if you want to introduce colour then fabric options can usually offer a broader palette. Alternatively, introduce vibrancy with rugs, lampshades or bed linen if you want to bring in some colour without it being too bold.

There’s no doubt modern bedroom furniture in Melbourne can create a stylish and elegant atmosphere. Consider making a trip to Gainsville, the contemporary furniture specialists, to browse their designer collections and be inspired to make your bedroom more beautiful.

What Exactly are Contemporary TV Units?


Cast your mind back to your childhood and it’s obvious to see how much technology has evolved. Perhaps your first television set was black and white, didn’t feature a remote control or was as thick as a wall. TV’s have certainly come along in leaps and bounds with today’s flat screen, high definition models offering hundreds of HD channels to choose from. Pricing varies wildly of course, but this technology of the future is now within reach for the majority of households. Lots of us enjoy kicking back after a day at work and watching our favourite shows, box set or soap.


The slim line, space aged TV’s of today can jar against more traditionally styled furniture however. To showcase these impressive pieces of technology it’s well worth updating to contemporary TV units. Their sleek styling is purpose built to compliment the ultra-modern television design. For those seeking a high-end solution to displaying their TV take a look at Gainsville, they have embraced the concept of form meeting function by producing pieces that provide an elegant backdrop. By minimising the design elements, it allows the technology to take centre stage and shine.

If you are investing in the latest flat screen don’t let it get lost in outdated furniture at home. By choosing a unit specifically designed for this purpose you maximise its impact and make the technology the star. Browse some of the upscale furniture stores to view their solutions on how best to achieve this, there are lots of options and finding a style that compliments your home is important.